Mexican Identity

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Jeff haring History 339 March 23, 2010 Essay II Transition of Mexican Identity Identity is a peculiar thing. Identity as a person, place or even thing can be somewhat misconstrued depending on the perspective at which the observation is taking place. The following piece has an objective of helping formulate the identity of a nation in transition. A nation that has multiple creeds and cultural diversity but still looking to find its purpose in the world in which it exists in. Establishing the foundations for its existence through strong leadership, economic know how and cultural influence Mexico reaches forward to gain confidence through this time of turmoil. During the last years of reign of Santa Anna, discord was…show more content…
Born into poverty and orphaned at a young age, Juarez left his meager surroundings in search of a new beginning. At the age of twelve, he left the Zapotec village and travelled by foot forty-one miles to the state capital. Encouraged by his sister and a generous Franciscan layman, Juarez sought education in the form of seminary school where he found this not to be his calling but headed into the field of law. Juarez passionate side was seen in his efforts to advocate for the poor and needy. His intention to bring about a form of social equality was his main objective. Not notably successful in his legal campaign to make the lives of the poor easier, the self-effacing attorney now realized that only structural alteration of the system could affect the changes he envisioned, and his liberalism strengthened. (330) Juarez relationship with Santa Anna was strained from the beginning. Serving under Santa Anna during the war with the states, Juarez contempt grew. After the war broke out, Juarez was recalled to his home state to serve as provisional governor. The eventual defeat led to the exile of Santa Anna who had sought refuge in Oaxaca where Juarez governed. Juarez refused his proposal and established his leadership by attitude and example. His leadership may not have been revolutionary; however it did lead to strong support in his ideals and accomplishments. Santa
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