Mexican Immigrants And Mexican Immigration

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The topic of Mexican immigration recently made headlines again when republican presidential candidate Donald Trump released a 3 page statement detailing his blunt beliefs on Mexican immigrants. Trump’s blunt statements against Mexican immigration have led many to join the discussion of Mexican immigration. The views on the issue vary, some believe that Mexicans are the route to all of America’s unemployment trouble while others believe Mexican’s simply take jobs American’s refuse to take. Either way, there are nearly twenty four million people of Mexican decent living in the United States that have started their own communities which contribute to American society. Many American’s however, refuse to accept this and are still prosecuting Mexican’s. This can be seen in the media, public schools, and in the work place. Mexican’s are often labeled in American media to be uneducated laborers who do nothing to contribute to the growth of society. The reality is however, that these Mexican laborers who are faced with these preconceptions have contributed a lot to American society as can be seen in the novel "Latino in America" by Soledad O’Brien. This novel highlights the injustices Mexican’s face due to the medias view on them. In this novel Luis Ramirez, a resident of Shenandoah Pennsylvania, is killed in a hate crime committed by a group of white football players at a local high school. Ramirez’s mother wrote how her son always worked two jobs and cared for his

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