Mexican Immigration And The United States

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Mexican immigration has been a controversy in the United States since before 1980. According to Jie Zong and Jeanne Batalova, Mexican immigration can be divided in three waves: the first one, before World War two, the second one started with the Bracero program, and the last one after it. Nevertheless, Mexican immigration can be seen as something threat, as many Americans argue, or as the opposite, a benefit to the nation culture throughout the years. This essay will explain some of the difficulties of the Mexicans’ history in the United States’ history. Even though their history in the country is not explicit and well detail, they, as well as blacks, suffer from social segregation. Mexican American were and are a big part of United States population; by being either a good influence or a bad influence, their problems had a big impact on the American history, thanks to the issues brought, for example by the Proposition 187 from 1994, the proposition 63 created in 1986, as well as the Immigration and Control Act, and the creation United Farm Workers Union. Mexicans were excluded from any social service as education, or health, which are human rights, and for instance essential. These restrictions were brutal for the Mexican American community, who violated their rights as habitants of the United States.
Being restricted from any service, Mexican Americans had to struggled their daily life in order to success. The main issues were brought in 1994 by the Proposition 187 were
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