Mexican Interview Questions

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Where did you go? And what was the route you took?
A –We traveled as a family my daughters, Cindy and Louise and my husband, Jerry. We started in Independence, Missouri and on the Santa Fe trail, then we crossed over to the old Spanish trail in Santa Fe and that took us to Los Angeles, California.
What where some of the difficulties you faced?
A - Cindy got malaria after being bitten by a mosquito. We had to stop and thankfully there was a family in the same situation that could help us get her well again. That delayed us two weeks. Accidents were common, but we only got into one crash where we broke our axel while crossing a river. Thankfully we had an extra axel to repair it.
Did you encounter any Indians? What do you think about them?
A – We did not encounter any Indians.
What supplies did you bring on the trip?
A - We brought flour, bacon, sugar, coffee and we had three oxen to pull our covered wagon across the trail, enough clothing for us
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A – There is no way you can plan for how hard the trip was. It was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.
What were some of the diseases you faced?
A - Measles, cholera, malaria and dysentery.
How many people traveled with and how many survived?
A – Four people started, and three made the trip, sadly Louise died from measles.
What did you have to give up / leave behind in order to make the trip possible?
A – We had to give up almost all of the comforts of home. Most of the items we brought with us we had to toss out when the trail got steep and to make room along the way. We would see ours along with others cherished items thrown out along the trail.
What motivated you to keep going along the way?
A – We knew that the journey was not going to be easy, but we knew that there was lots of land that was cheap and that’s what we wanted, good farming land that was affordable. We wanted to start fresh lives and that’s exactly what moving west did for
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