Mexican Plantation Memo

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My honest opinion towards this plantation is to not go they aren’t prepared for anything they think that natural fortalities is gonna protect them from all the neighboring countries solid and strong armies. I wouldn't want to move to this plantation because they rely on god to do everything for them they think that they can just sit and wait for miracles to happen which that isn’t how it goes, you gotta be prepared for the worst at all times not waiting for someone to do that for it's just pure laziness to me. I think the first thing they should do is build up and establish their military before they ever start building up their buildings and establishing the settlement to be suitable for living. They are counting on god to just magically…show more content…
I like the fact that they are gonna highly inforce religion in this plantation because everyone should have a god no matter who it is, it gives you someone to look up to as a human being. It's just the people of this plantation just expect to rely on god for everything and they think god is just gonna protect them from all the neighboring countries, and they think that god is just gonna build up all the buildings without them working for it. But the native americans didnt like this settlement at all it forced them to loose there homes and they had to move out if the state. But if i was a native american i would deifinitely not live in this settlement because the colonists are enforcing only one religion and the native americans strictly follow one religion, and that is christianity. But if I was a colonist i would be making rules that favor the native americans becuase that could be all the army you need and that way you womty have to rely on natural fortalities. But overall my opinion on this settlement is that i wouldnt stay here i think that this is just not the settlement for me they count on to many things to happen, they dont go after it and get it they wait for someone to give it to
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