Mexican Policy Is Important Part That We Should Study About It

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Mexican policy is an important part that we should study about it. From the Mexico just established, the system of polity of Mexico has changed 4 different politic system to adapt the epoch. The first system is the single-party state. French, English and Spanish used to invade the Mexico, than a group of people organized the public and expelled those country. After that, this group of people chose a person to be their leader and let him to control the whole country that is how the single-party appeared.
However, one person controls the whole country was not well as they expected, this person always made numerous wrong decisions and let the Mexico got worse. So, public always against the government in various ways. During 10 years revolution, the policy of Mexico is not stable which appeared more than one parties. Those parties always fight with each other for the power of controlling Mexico. At the same time, the America invaded the Mexico and occupied a vast of land. Just because this, the America becomes the most developed country in the future. Thus, the leader at that time was taking care of outside invasion while paying attention to inside revolution. Meanwhile, after the war broke out, Mexico did not have any politic connection with America, it caused the polity of Mexico became worse. As time went by, the situation has been changed.
Then, Mexican banished the America and established their own independent country, the system of polity transformed from Single-party to…

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