Mexican Social Realists and Harlem Renaissance

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Mexican Social Realists and Harlem Renaissance

Poverty has always been an issue throughout centuries. In most areas living conditions were horrible due to wars, and corruption within cities and states. Most families lost their male sons to the draft of the war at the ages of 6 years or older. Families struggled and did what they had to, to maintain a home as well as food for their families. Because of this Social Realism was successful. Social Realism was an international movement that many artists and composers where a part of. This movement highlights inequalities of capitalism, and gave the chance to these artists and composers to express everyday living conditions of the working class and the poor through their work. Diego Rivera is one of those artists that through his work showed the struggle of the poor, he was one of the most famous muralists in the Mexican Social Realism. The Harlem Renaissance was known as the “New Negro Movement” where African Americans where forced out of Southern states to the urban areas due to the Great Migration. Jacob Lawrence was one of those that expressed his thought on the Great Migration describing it as the push and pull factors.
Diego Rivera was known for a muralist of the Mexican Social Realism. This movement was the brutality of WWI. It attacked capitalist. Rivera was a communist, he believed in the common ownership in social, political, and economic ideology that strived to maintain social order. One example of this
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