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Chili’s originated with wanting to become a place for people to hang out with good company over some food and a drink or two. This restaurant is about creating a connection with family and friends that integrate over the love of food. The first location was opened in Dallas, Texas in 1975. It was first a post office before it became a little hangout place named Chili’s. The company was founded by Larry Lavine which is now taken over by Brinker Incorporated. Larry’s idea of Chili’s was going to be a laidback place where people can have fun and hangout. He wanted a menu that was affordable to people and wanted to create American food using a Texan-Mexican themed menu. In 1983, Larry was smart to sell the company to Brinker Incorporated.…show more content…
It is also a place where coaches bring their teams too after games, so you will see people in their uniforms. They serve everyone and treat them like a family. There is a 99% chance that there is a Chili’s in every town I have come across or it is in the nearby town. The chain of this restaurant is crazy and it actually became one of my favorite restaurants. This can be considered ethnic in the sense of their cuisine. The American food served with a Texan-Mexican theme can be served from a burger to chicken fajitas. They serve chips and salsa and also have fries with toppings as appetizers. There is no going wrong when customer come in and want to have the best of both worlds. I actually went to Chili’s tonight with the SXU Women’s Basketball team. All of the girls on the team made all their free throws at practice and Coach uses a restaurant of a player’s choice as an incentive to help reach the goal of 100% in free throws that day. If someone were to ask the team where they eat the most, the answer would be Chili’s, Panera Bread, or Barraco’s (which is Coach’s favorite). The service was so great I was impressed by the staff. I know when Coach makes reservations, they are here to impress and please Coach and the team. He is a well-respected man and I am sure every restaurant would be happy to help accommodate our team. We love going to Chili’s, many of the girls know the drill on helping their staff and help times move by faster.

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