Mexican War/US Land and Territory

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Mexican War/US Land and Territory The Mexican American War caused many people to lose lives and could have been avoided. President Polk wanted more land and liked the idea of expanding the US. As a result of the war, the US had acquired more than 525,000 square miles of land. Many historians believe that the Mexican War was an unnecessary attack on a weaker country. The Mexican war had many causes and effects but ultimately Mexico lost. The Mexican American war happened for many reasons. Around 1835, Texas went against the Mexican government. "One of these disputes was the question of the boundary between Texas and Mexico (Downey)." The Mexican government owned Texas at the time. In 1844, James Polk was elected President. "More…show more content…
On May 9, President Polk received a message from his war department about the attack. After being told of the attack President Polk immediately wrote a message declaring that a state of war has existed between the US and Mexico. On May 13 congress declared war. President Polk went into war with one main objective, to seize all of Mexico north of Rio Grande and the Gilla River and westward to the Pacific. The US army advanced into Mexico. US forces led by Col. Stephen W. Kearny and Commodore Robert F Stockton were easily able to get the lands. "Chapultepec was the last battle of the war before the capture of Mexico City" Many battles went on during the Mexican War. As a result the United States won the war. "The United States gained more than 525,000 square miles of territory as a result of the war." Attacks on US supply lines went on for awhile. On February 2, 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed. After the war, Mexico agreed to sell California and the rest of the territory for $15 million plus any damage claims. "The war also revived the quarrels over slavery." The compromise of 1850 allowed California to choose whether it would be slave or free. The US took most of California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico. The Mexican War not only could have been avoided but brought up slavery again. The Americans had two main objectives of the war, more land and
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