Mexican War of Independence

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* * * * * * * * * * * The Mexican Wars for Independence: Failed Ambitions * Pablo A. L. Briger * * * * * US and Modern World I * Mr. Segiel * February 15, 2013 * * * September 16 is a day of celebration all through Mexico. Even the president emerges from the royal palace, decorated with a sash to represent Mexico, rings a bell three times just as Miguel Hidalgo did on that same day in 1810 to commemorate the beginning of the revolution and to unite Mexico behind the ideals of equality and freedom that Miguel Hidalgo fought for. All Mexico celebrates on that day as one united country regardless of class or the color of one’s skin. Yet, the…show more content…
The reforms only deepened the social prejudices by kicking out the Jesuits (depriving education to the creoles), raising taxes only on the Indians then including the creoles, not allowing Mexicans to dress like Spanish, and finally taking away from the poor entertainment (bullfighting) and cheap alcohol (pulque). The Bourbon reforms ended up most importantly lowering the creoles to minority status. Then Charles IV, who became hated by Spain and her colonies, only enforced the Bourbon reforms; he raised the taxes on the Mexican aristocracy because he would not tax the Spanish. He then decreed the Law of Consolidation of 1804, which ordered the Mexican church to sell its land and give its earnings to the crown also call in most loans it had with creoles and Indians. Napoleon made Charles IV abdicate, and instated Charles’ son Ferdinand VII, and then quickly replaced Ferdinand VII with his brother Joseph. All of Spain and Mexico was in agreement that “Ferdinand VII was their rightful King and that they would reject any decree or representative from the French usurper”. Which shows the loyalty Spain and its colonies had to their king. With the social injustices occurring and their constant change in governmental authorities, the people showed they disapproval. Rallies of rebels (mostly creoles) would cry, “Long live the King! Death to bad government!” Which represents the support for the king but they were disgusted
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