Mexican Wedding Ceremony

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Mexican Wedding
I was fifteen years old when I first saw a wedding ceremony in Mexico. All the people in the church were happy and animated. Everybody was sitting and waiting for the bride to arrive. The groom looked nervous and excited. Finally the bride arrived to the church, everybody was clapping and smiling to her; it was so beautiful to see that two persons were about to join their lives forever. However, nobody could imagine all the effort that the couple did to make the ceremony wedding happen. When a couple wants to marry, the first step to do is to ask for the bride. In Mexico, the tradition is that the groom and his parents visit the family’s bride. Usually the meeting is to have permission of her parents and to start planning
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When the party ends the bride throws the bouquet of flowers to all her single friends, the tradition says that whoever catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. The couple leaves the party together heading to their honey moon. Every culture has their own traditions; Mexico is a country with a lot of them, with influence from catholic religion. A Mexican wedding is a hard and long process from the planning to the reception, but the most important thing is to enjoy the
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