`` Mexicans Begin Jogging `` And Small Town With One Road

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Authors write what they know. A well written piece is based on experience and what is familiar to the author. This is certainly the case for Gary Soto, a Mexican-American poet. Soto has written many poems and continues to do so today. Soto’s poems discuss personal themes from his life like experiencing racism and navigating stereotypes. These are themes that are evident in two of Soto’s poems, “Mexicans Begin Jogging” and “Small Town with one Road.” Both poems have a deep connection to his life. Soto, a Mexican-American man, grew up with a lot of negative experiences. His youth is expressed in his poems where he shares past struggles in hopes of ending racism.
Gary Soto was born on the 12th of April, in 1952. He grew up in Fresno, California right across the street from a pickle factory. Unfortunately for Soto, “his parents were Mexican-American laborers, and his father was killed in an industrial accident when Soto was five” (Biography in Context). This tragedy, in combination with the fact that his parents were immigrants, greatly affected his childhood and made it more difficult than it should have been. Soto struggled in school and had difficulty applying himself to his studies. Despite his poor grades, it did not take too long for Gary Soto’s writing skills to become evident. As he grew older and attended high school, Soto was awarded the Academy of American Poets Award along with the Discovery-Nation Award. In fact, he won an award every year of his high

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