Mexico American Conquest

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The conquest of Mexico is nonetheless one of the most significant turning points in history. It discovery was dominated with riches, expansion of ideas and new proclaimed land. Although not initially intending to sail sea in search of new land, “conquest,” rapidly became a focus, when the Americas was discovered. With an extreme difference in language, culture, etc., conquering the Americas would not have been successful without three factors being present; superior technology, immunity of carried diseases, and help form the Native People. To begin with, disease carried by the Spaniards unconsciously served as biological warfare. Their immunity to small pox, the common cold, and other diseases allowed them to carry a disease without being…show more content…
Native allies contributed by unifying with the Spaniards during battles and some serving as messengers/translators. Notably, it was Natives who had been subdued by overlords, who joined as Spanish allies. During the last battles, “Cortes himself noted… 75,000 indigenous allies supporting the Spanish units, ‘and’ Bernal Diaz mentioned 100,000 indigenous allies in engagements” (Schwartz 2000, 15). As a result, the numbers represent their significant participation of the fall of the Empire. In addition, Natives also served as translators. understanding the importance of communication during encounters, Diaz used messengers/ translators to communicate with the Indians (Schwartz 2000, 41). These translators helped communicate knowledge held by the Indians about land features and possible riches. Dona Mariana in particular was a valuable source during the conquest. She accompanied Diaz throughout wars. She spoke the languages of Coatzacoalcos and Tabasco (Schwartz 2000, 69). Being well respected among Indians, she was an influential asset. Without her help, they would not be able to understand the languages to help conquer New Spain (Schwartz 2000,
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