Mexico : An Elegant And Beautiful Place

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Mexico is an elegant and beautiful place. Its geography is beautiful and diverse. The land holds interesting history. It is rich with culture and delicious food. It also has great works of art. Mexico is rich with resources and It is difficult to count all the great things about Mexico. Mexico gets people to keep returning. This is why many people live in Mexico and prefer it to other places.
Mexico is located south of the Americas and north of Guatemala and Beliz. Mexico is bordered on either side by water. The west and south side is covered by the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean, while the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea border the east. Mexico’s 756,066 square miles contain swamps and lagoons, beaches and tropical rain forests, mountains, volcanos, and dry deserts. More than half of Mexico, mostly around the southern area, is tropics. With Mexico’s diverse climate, there are many different unique ecosystems, each with its own plants and animals. (Jermyn 6-8)
Mexico’s people have had a difficult time establishing a stable and dependable government that they support. Spain had control over Mexico, and although many had tried, it was not until August 24, 1821, when the last Spanish viceroy was forced to sign the Treaty of Córdoba making Mexico independent. Iturbide, Mexico’s first emperor was deposed by his former aide, General Antonio López de Santa Anna. Mexico then became a republic, and Guadalupe Victoria became Mexico’s first elected president. Iturbide…
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