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Why Do People Live in Certain Areas

People live in a certain area that has the resources they need. Including water sources, food sources, and transportation. Some of the earliest civilizations built their civilizations close to a water source like an ocean, river, or lake. According to Lesson Why do People Settle in Certain Areas, (2001-2011), “Many of the oldest and largest cities in America are located along the Atlantic Ocean.” A water source could be used for food, transportation, and as a drinking source. Some people plant crops for a food source like corn, beans, or wheat. There are many kinds of things you can use for transportation. Some examples are a boat, a car, a bus, or even an airplane.

One city that a lot of people live in is Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is in the country and it is the capital of Argentina. The actual estimated population as of August 1, 2016 is 2,891,000 people. Why would people choose to live in that city? Some reasons are that the cost is low to live there. Another reason is it is by the Atlantic Ocean. That is an easy way for transportation. The Atlantic Ocean
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Being near to the United States of America, Mexico City, founded on August 13,1521, is the largest city in Mexico with about 9 million people. Some main reasons people live in Mexico City is because of the diverse culture and wonderful food. But some other reasons could be that their family or their ancestors lived there. Mexico City also have famous monuments or famous buildings that could attract people to live in Mexico City. According to Case Study Rise and Fall of the Aztecs page 953, (2016), “The Aztecs settled in the Valley of Mexico-where Mexico City now is-in 1325.” The Aztec people first settled in the Valley of Mexico (Mexico City) because of the lagoon that was there. The lagoon was used as a water source. The Aztec people could have used that lagoon as food source, and even maybe for a transportation
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