Mexico Considered As A Liberal Democracy

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Mexico Considered As A Liberal Democracy Mexico’s government is very corrupted as we know it from the media. Based on logical facts, Mexico’s government doesn't have the right and sufficient system to protect an individual’s right. The economy also plays a huge role into individual’s voting since there is problems financially that the head of state, Enrique Peña has been trying to solve. As well as the situation with the drug cartels which have impacted Mexico’s financial and military power to slowly decrease these problems have led to question Mexico’s democratization.In my opinion, I feel that Mexico is not a liberal democracy with its corruption and unreformed government leading Mexicans to lose trust in their own society (government). Is Mexico a liberal democracy throughout the years?…show more content…
Their explanation was straight and clear on how Mexican voters “had little to nothing for a voice to speak on who was ‘running the show’. This brings up a question on how in the recent election can support if Mexico is a liberal democracy. Seeing how Enrique Peña brings interest in his “people” to vote for resources that can better the environment does not show a strong convincement. We know from the media that the President’s wife wasted $100 million dollars for a house through an offshore centre this is Mexico’s debt just pulling
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