Mexico Descriptive Essay

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In Mexico we have plazas, in which people from different races come together and dance. My earliest memory was in a plaza. The woman danced around a gazebo that had flowers and a tall pole sticking out the top with the Mexico’s flag, and they were wearing large elegant gowns.They walked one way while the men walked another. After a while of dancing a tall guy with broad shoulders, and a mustache, broke a confetti egg on my aunt. This meant that he wanted to go on a date with her. She said yes, but they broke up later, because he came to the U.S .
I think of that time when I see parks, and I realize that Mexico is way different than the U.S here cities are divided into race and wealth. The white families with the white families, the black families with the black families, the rich with rich , and the poor with the poor. I’ve always wanted to make a change so that everybody was together, but never thought I could.
I woke up on a warm spring morning. The air felt like a warm blanket wrapped around me on a winter night. As I when downstairs, my mom greeted me and said
“Good morning Veronica how was your night.”
“It was good, what's for breakfast I'm starving” I said
“I made pancakes, but first I have a huge surprise your Aunt Rosa is here from Mexico”she told me
“What, where, no way, aaahh”I screamed, I haven’t seen her in forever so when I saw her I jumped up and down and ran to hug her.
“I missed you so much”I told her
“Hola mija, I know i’ve been gone too long. How are

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