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War on Drugs in Mexico In Monterrey, Mexico lives Sister Consuela Martinez, a nun, and one of the few people not afraid to speak up against the violence caused by the drug cartels. Fourteen years ago, she came home to find cats on her front porch, all with slit throats, and a little message saying that she would be next. But surprisingly, she is still well and alive today. Most people who speak against the cartels do not live long. When issues are brought to public eye, cartels tend to lose profit. With publicity comes less freedom to conduct business in their own manner, so the cartels cut out the source (LA times). Beheadings and kidnappings are popular, and over the past 5 years over 48,000 people were killed, and roughly 5,000 people…show more content…
Along with Sister Martinez, measures can be taken to help yield the oncoming drug trades. President Felipe Calderón has been doing a lot in the effort to help save Mexico, and promises to leave Mexico with a sturdy police force when he leaves his office this year. Along with removing corrupt officers and officials and hiring decorated officers who have caught kingpins before, he sent out troops to settle disputes between competing cartels (Time). Over 20,000 troops were sent out in order to fight cartels, and slow them down. Extradition is commonly used, but not matter what tactic is used the cartels usually respond with violence and killing ( With all the efforts made to stop the war and trade of drugs in Mexico, the power of the cartels is still ever-growing. Only rarely is a story heard were someone other than the cartel comes up victorious, such as the case of sister Martinez. But unlike sister Martinez, many other peace activists find themselves out of luck. Violent murders and kidnappings are common, and people live in fear when police officers can no longer be trusted. Despite their best efforts, the Mexican Government has not yet put a stop to all this crime, but has been taking large steps in the recent times. Advocacy/Argument Project Due to the Mexican drug trade and Drug cartels, many problems have been occurring in Mexico and the U.S., and more must be done to stop this issue. Before the 1980’s there was trade of
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