Mexico Has Various Water, Energy, And Agricultural Sustainability Issues Essay

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Mexico has various Water, Energy, and Agricultural sustainability issues. These issues are marginally inter-relating and pose various risks to the socio-economic state of Mexico and Mexicans. This essay will talk about the issues in-depth, and any solutions which could potentially solve these issues.

All three of the resource issues are inter-relating. This is mainly due to Water being at a risk of depletion. Surface Water is being consumed at an unsustainable rate, as a result, water is being pumped from under-ground Aquifers, which, uses large amounts of Energy. The subsequent reliance on Energy to pump water has put a strain on the country. However, this is not the only issue which is caused. The agricultural sector(being the largest consumer of water in Mexico) consumes a lot of Energy in order to make use of the Water. Therefore the reliance it places on Water and Energy (which are both at risk) places it at risk, meaning 4% of the GDP and 16% of the work-force is also at risk.

The main risk Mexico is currently facing relates to issues of sustainability, in regard to supply vs. demand of Water. The high usage of Surface Water (Lakes, Dams etc.) in Mexico means that the supply is almost - if not completely - depleted, which in turn, means further drilling and pumping into underground Aquifers to maintain the Water consumption. The Geo-Mexico Article 2011 states “104 of the country’s 653 identified aquifers are overexploited in that more water is withdrawn each year
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