Mexico Immigration

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It’s not easy to pack your bags and leave everything behind including your family which you might not see for years, yet many Mexican people do just that because they believe in the American dream. They leave their country because they are seeking jobs or trying to find the security that they weren’t able to find in their own country. This immigration that happens not only effects the U.S. economically and socially, but it also impacts Mexico by taking away potential entrepreneurs. Before the 60’s Mexico has experience a growth in their economy that was called the “Mexican miracle” because of the growth from 3% to 4% in just few time. However, after this period of growth, what followed was decades of debt. “In the late 1960s, Latin America…show more content…
“Another day. Another murder. In the Mexican Drug War, such violence has become so common that the slaying of five police at a stoplight was a brief tucked in local crime sections” (Grillo pg.154). These crime rates have force many people to move to other places to escape the daily killings that happen. “I keep hearing about friends who have been killed out here” (Grillo pg.168) and for some people it isn’t just friends but families that get murdered. Some people even resort to getting involve in these crimes because “his bloody money has taken him and his family out of the ghetto” (Grillo pg.159). It’s not something that people enjoy our would like to be involve in but unfortunately it is the only way that they can afford to feed their families. Therefore, some people to avoid these situations by move to the U.S. to find a decent way of making money and living…show more content…
is a place where they can start over and began to build up their own wealth. There are things like “economic factors, most notable the rising price of oil and the resulting boom in the economy of Texas, drove the demand for new workers” (Brannon & Albright pg.4) that drive the immigration of people to the U.S because they know that they will have a secure job. Additionally, for many of the families that come to the U.S. their purpose is to provide a better education to their children, so that they can have a more stable life. The U.S is able to provide a free public education for these kids and will even (depending on the state) will aid them to go on to college. Unlike Mexico, where education can become a burden to the families because they must pay enrollment fees, transportation fee, food feeds, and material fees. Therefore, for some families sending their kids to school becomes a problem so they don’t allow them to keep on going to
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