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Mexico Physical Geography: Mexico is a famous country which is located in the southern part of North America. I went to Cancun in spring 2012. It was an amazing trip. I really enjoyed the nature there. Most of Mexico 's land is covered by mountains, with only about a third of the land being flat. Moreover, there are five main areas in Mexico. The first one is The Central Plateau which is located just south of The United States. It increases in altitude from the north to south from more than 910 m and 2,440 m near the border of United States. Furthermore, approximately half of Mexico 's population live in this area. The second area is Sierra Madres which consists of three mountains ending with V shape near the Plateau edge. These mountains are the Sierra Madre del Sur on the south, the Sierra Madre Occidental on the west, and the Sierra Madre Oriental on the east. The third area is Chiapas Highlands. The land in this area is high and rough, especially near the Pacific Coast. The fourth area is Gulf Coastal Plain. The land in this area is low along with the eastern coast. Near Texas boarder in south, it narrows and almost disappears. The last main area in Mexico is Lower California-Sonoran Desert. This area consists of the peninsula of Lower California and the Sonoran Desert. Another physical feature in Mexico is Water. Most of the rivers in Mexico are short and too shallow for navigation. The third physical feature in Mexico is climate and temperature. The differences
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