Mexico Spring Break

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In fifth grade I was told I was going to Mexico for spring break, little did I know this vacation would be one of the most life changing experiences I have ever had. I have always been told to do thing for others and to put the less fortunate before myself. I live in a very Catholic household and my family is constantly going to serve at homeless dinners and work at local shelters but I was never truly changed by these experiences until my trip to Mexico. Through this experience I learned that sometimes giving to others benefits me more than I expected. Spring Break of 2013 I had the opportunity to go to Mexico with my family and a friends family. We were told to go through all of our clothes and pack a carry on bag full of clothes we didn't wear or didn't need. So my family and I filled a huge duffle bag full of clothes that were to small or we did not wear anymore and left for Mexico. Once I got to Mexico I was amazed at how different the lifestyle environment was compared to what I used to. The amount of poverty within one community amazed me. Looking at a small…show more content…
When my family and I got to the houses where the families were living I noticed that everyone was overjoyed to see us. This put a smile on my face, I didn't understand how people with so little could be so happy. As we gave them our clothes and candy they almost started crying with joy and thankfulness. Kids started sharing their candy with other kids and some didn't even keep any for themselves. People with absolutely nothing were sharing what they had for the happiness of others. This made me realize how lucky I was to have the life I have and to never take anything for granted. I learned from these kids to always give to others and treat others how you'd like to be treated. This trip to Mexico helped me realize that one small act of kindness could make someone's day, year, or even
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