Mexico Trump Wall Analysis

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Building the wall across the us and mexican border would be a beneficial thing because it helps by deterring illegal immigration from central america, By disrupting violent cartel networks, and by drug distribution to the us.

There are many ways Trumps wall will be a good thing ,one of the ways is it will put stop to job thievery, imagine this scenario in which and illegal immigrant hops the border, and finds his way into a roofing job that pays 20$ but just last week you dad got fired because he wanted 30$ over 20$. A trump wall would hopefully ensure th unemployed Americans who have pay there taxes Annually will be provided with the economic opportunities they deserve.

Illegal immigration in Mexico to the us has been a problem since the 1970s. Although the number of departures is dropping with 61,034 registered cases in 2011 . There were 11.7 million immigrants from mexico living in the us in 2014, and about half of them were in the country illegally, and that is
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Mexican drug cartels destroyed many of lives of civilians, who have nothing to do with the drug trade, bystanders, people who refuse to join cartels, migrants and officer officials have been killed. And both us and mexico need to put an end to this. And by building the wall it should stop the drug trade to the us and they would have less and less reason to have drug cartels.

Illegal drug trafficking is a major problem between the us and Mexico. There are six main drugs most commonly Trafficked into the United States. The percentages of drug trafficking offenses are as follows methamphetamine 24%, cocaine was 24.1%, marijuana was 21.5%, crack was 13.1 %, heroine was 9.8%, Oxycodone was 4.6, and other was 3 %. This current decade is seeing the largest per person drug usage in American history, and by building the wall it should prevent drug distribution to the United States
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