Mexico-United States Relations

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It seems as though the two primary themes of these relations would be conflict and cooperation, conflict in the form of 19th and 20th century warfare such as the Mexican-American War, and cooperation trailblazing it’s way in the form of the NAFTA. Politically, the two countries share many common interests at the border and further inland. Economically, the two countries are each other’s first and third largest trading partners. In 2010, Mexico’s exports totaled $300 billion, almost three quarters of which were made by the United States. Environmentally, during hurricane Katrina in 2005 the Mexican Government sent over 250 tons of food, water and various other care package items for aid, and the Mexican Red Cross donated two million dollars for clean up after the storm had cleared and people rescued. Immigration wise, there are over one million U.S. citizens living in Mexico and Mexico is the number one source of immigrants to the United States. Illegal immigration, in addition to illegal trade in drugs and firearms, have been causes of strife but have also provided cooperation in the tampering of such issues. As of 2009, 62% of undocumented immigrants in the United States originate from Mexico. Commonly, individuals referred to as “coyotes” smuggle…
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