Mexico 's Culture And Gender Diversity

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Mexico’s Culture and Gender diversity What is culture? Culture is each of the individual components that make up the way people live from one area to the next. This can be the art, music, gender rules and roles, beliefs, clothing, food, education, and even the traditions and celebrations that they have. One large component of culture is gender roles. Gender roles differ from one place to the next, which shows what people on each area value. Religion also affects each individual’s life style. There is often times one main religion practiced by a group of people along with a few others that people who don’t agree with those choices practice. As we look into culture we also will see different celebrations people have. In Mexico one of the biggest celebrations they have is Day of the Dead. This is an example of how people s cultures reflect ones beliefs. Gender roles determine what behaviors are valued, expected, and allowed by both men and woman. You can see large gender differences in the Mexican culture. Just like most anything, as time goes by the gender roles in the area alter. In the past it was very obvious what the gender roles were. Women were expected to be homemakers, meaning that they had to take care of the family, home, and children. Along with not having many work opportunities outside of the home, women’s main role was to obey the demands of their husbands. If a women leaves her home without a man she is very frowned upon. Some say that the cause of what some

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