Mexico 's Drug And Human Trafficking

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Human and Drug trafficking are huge global problems and it affects millions or people, even if they do not know about it. Mexico’s drug and human trafficking are huge issues, and people tend to different methods in how the problems should be solved. However, the main reason in why these two things are such an issue is all because of money. They both bring in major profits and “benefits” into Mexico and those in charge of this industry, it also brings in revenue into the United States for those that a part of these two cartels. Both the Drug Cartel and those in power of the Human Trafficking concerns, keep this things going because of the politicians that are placed into power of their regions. Many people keep saying that they should fix what is happening; however the problem is much more difficult than that. Many people in the United States keep stating that the issue is only a Mexican problem. Mexico’s government has stated that there primary goal is get rid of the drug cartels in their country and that it is the United States hope to prevent the drug cartels from coming into their country. Drug trafficking can also be explained as the “war on drug” which was coined by Richard Nixon (Calderon, 1). This coin is an important matter to know because it explains how people actually feel about these things. However, there are many other countries that do smuggle in drugs into America; but due to the fact Mexico and America share a border the problem is much bigger. Especially…
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