Mexico's Drug Cartel Violence Problem

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The United States role with Mexico’s drug cartel violence problem has been of ongoing help. The cartels are unabashed in trying to continue to run their drug smuggling operations. The Mexican people have had to endure a high number of homicides in their country. Some of these people killed were innocents who were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Many of the homicides were intentional as drug cartels often send messages to people warning others not to interfere in their businesses. Mexican law enforcement officials are killed by the cartel in hopes of serving a message to others that the cartels are to be feared. It might seem that the United States does not have a role in addressing drug cartel violence in Mexico but they are trying to help in many ways. The Mexican drug cartels have been around probably since the inception of the PRI, but have gotten stronger since the Columbia cartels; those of the Medellin and Cali factions have lost their power. The “gangs” or cartels of Mexico have operated since the last 40 for 50 years. “The gangs operating on the northern border of Mexico are long-time, well established that is, consisting of Mexican grandfathers, sons and grandsons. The reason for the present day struggles with drug cartels occur is that for some people it is a way of life, just like some people inherit the family business. In the U.S., most gangs try and operate in a low key fashion; however, in Mexico, these cartels have operated openly and with little fear

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