Meyrowitz's Theory Of Communication

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Medium theory by Joshua Meyrowitz, (1985) refers to the body of literature that focuses on the various approaches used in examining how different means of expression of human communication affect the communication process in the society. It mainly focuses on the technological aspect of the media later than its content. According to Croteau and Hoynes, (2003) the medium theory aims at determining the look beyond the media content that reveals its social impact to the society. Various scholars also investigated the medium theory and its impact to the communication industry in the society. For instance the contribution by McLuhan, (1963, 1966, 1988) and Postman, (1985) indicate that the medium theory in the United States occupies a marginal position…show more content…
It explores the impact of the media the daily life situation of the society and its perception of space and time through their effect on the human behavior in day to day life. Laughey, (2007) asserts that due to the development of the media of communication, the social situation may not only be regarded as the physical environment such as a home, workplace or school, but also extended to various aspects of life which is considered as an information system. Human behavior in the society is always influenced by the nature of the medium of communication that it adopts and this may result into either the isolation or segregation of people into clearly defined information systems (Meyrowitz, 1994). This defines their boundaries and also determines the extent to which they can interact with the society ( Meyrowitz,…show more content…
The medium theory concentrates mainly on the impact of the media on psychic and social schemes and how they influence the human behavior in the society on a day to day basis, but it tends to ignore the content which the medium is passing across to the society. A good example is the television content, where the theory the medium theory doesn’t seem to take into account the negative influence that may originate from the media, hence negatively affecting the children or the social construct of gender when it presents demeaning images of women in the

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