Mg352 - Principles of Management Applied Research Essay

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Principles of management APPLIED RESEARCH

Pleasant Valley Police Department

Thomas Donnelly

Karl Hartenstine
Park University Internet Campus

A course paper presented to the School for Arts and Sciences and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of

Principles of Management
Park University
November, 2011



Diversity Management 6

Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities 8

International Business 8

General Planning & Strategic Planning 9 Organizing Work and
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There needs to be a clear definitive vision on where progress should be in the near future. Because the city of Pleasant Valley is in fact so small, there is only a handful of local businesses that help sustain the city’s population and encourage growth. In fact the city makes most of her revenue off the Police Department’s citations. With an analysis of their interpersonal skills, management strategies, and various management principles I hope to paint a picture of how smaller cities are beginning to show their business savvy to stimulate growth. Through focusing my analysis on the local Police Department I hope to show what methods make them successful at being such a significant source of revenue to such a small town; thus becoming a new entity I like to call “Small Town Inc.” while illustrating what kind of impact they pose on their community.
Utilizing modern day management practices small towns of limited resource, like Pleasant Valley Missouri, can evolve into a bustling city; specifically with a vigilant police department. The question is can effective management, aggressive policing policies, and quality interpersonal relationships be achieved without negatively affecting their revenue contribution to the city. For without the necessary revenue
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