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MGT 230 Final Exam 1) Planning involves which of the following? | |A. Analyzing current situations | | |B. Determining rewards for goals achievement | | |C. Motivating employees | | |D. Implementing necessary changes | | | | 2) _______ is specifying the goals to be achieved and deciding in advance the appropriate actions needed to achieve those goals. | |A. Staffing | | |B. Leading | | |C. Organizing | | |D. Planning | | |…show more content…
industry growth rate | | |D. product substitutions in the market | 11) Suppose you face a question regarding how to handle a defective piece of equipment that your company sold. To tell the customer would cost you a substantial amount of money, but if the equipment fails, it could lead to serious injury of the customer. You decide to disclose the defect and suggest alternatives to eliminate the risk of injury. This decision employs which ethical approach? | |A. Universalism | | |B. Egoism (incorrect) | | |C. Relativism | | |D. Virtue ethics | | | | 12) Your organization faces an ethical question. There has been a problem with your accounting process that has resulted in lower profits being reported than were actually earned. You are attending a meeting where senior management is deciding how to handle the situation. The people at the table have varying views of what action to take and why. John wants to report the error immediately because he believes that it is the right thing to do and that will keep them all out of jail. Bruce wants to report the error because it is the honest thing to do. After hearing his colleagues' opinions, Carlos says he wants to report the error as well because he believes

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