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Verizon SWOT analysis MGMT 303 DeVry University Julia Smith May 19th, 2012 Verizon Communications Inc. is a provider of communications services with for operating segments: Domestic Telecom, Domestic Wireless, information Services and International. Domestic Telecom is services principally represent Verizon’s telephone operations that provide local telephone services in 29 states and the District of Columbia. Domestic Wireless are products and services which include wireless voice and data services and equipment sales across the United States. The Information Services segment encompasses Verizon’s domestic and international publishing businesses, including print SuperPages and electronic…show more content…
Weakness: International Roaming. Verizon phones and data cards roam to about 50 countries, including Canada, Mexico, most of the Caribbean, parts of Latin America, China, India, Israel, the Philippines, and New Zealand. Only a few Verizon devices can access networks in Europe. While Verizon is slightly ahead of Sprint's thin roaming list, AT&T's 215-country international roaming is much more globally compatible. Through expansion, technological improvements and more investment leading to continuous network and product upgrade, should lead Verizon to better compete in international services. With emerging competition from countries like China, it is a matter of survival to act or not. Opportunity: Increased usage of wireless services, specifically 3G and 4G. Less than a decade ago, the telecom operators in the U.S., Western Europe, and Japan were upgrading their existing networks to high-speed 3G technologies. Now the world telecommunications industry is about the switching to the next-generation super-fast 4G technologies. The major thrust for the telecommunications sector is coming from within the industry due to continuous network and product upgrade and invention by industry players. With the Alcatel-Lucent contract, it should help to better support Verizon Wireless “ongoing 3G network expansion and 4G/LTE network build out”. (Alcatel-Lucent, 2010) Opportunity: More Exclusive Product Offers Apple gave AT&T

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