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MGMT 3720 Zhang Yaqi Assignment #1 This case describes the different attitudes the worker and his supervisor have about their work. The reason Walt Henderson, the drafting technicians working in the Wilson Construction Company, has some disagreement with his supervisor Ken Hardy is that they have different attitudes toward their work. According to the textbook, attitude is a person’s favorable or unfavorable thoughts about different aspects, such as people, job, and religion (Robbins & Judge, 2013). In this case study, we are going to evaluate Walt’s attitude towards his work and why he has this attitude. Walt Henderson thought he had a positive attitude towards his work because he used his free time to finish his work. However, from…show more content…
Finally, the second component leads to the third component which is the behavioral component. From the case, after the first warning from his supervisor, he still brought his own work to the company and did it during work hours. Also, he argued with his supervisor. Walt is likely to voice his dissatisfaction if he becomes dissatisfied with his work. Voice reaction is an active reaction means express the dissatisfaction and tend to improve the conditions (Walt Henderson, n.d.). Walt was not afraid to express his thoughts. For example, Walt expressed his dissatisfaction directly with his supervisor while they had the conversation in the company; therefore, he would talk to his supervisor about his situation and want to do better in the future. There are some suggestion that the manager can use to improve Walt’s job satisfaction. Firstly, the manager can talk to Walt and let him express his dissatisfaction. After expressing his dissatisfaction and communicate with the manager, Walt will understand how important a work follows the company’s rules. This conversation is important because a negative attitude towards the job may cause low job involvement. Also, the manager can make some specific rules regarding what the employees cannot do during the work hours and if employees break the rules, they will have some punishments. If employees have the better performance in

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