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DeVry University | My BBQ Business Adventure | MGMT 404 Project Management | Renita Allgood 6/24/2014 | Table of Contents 1. Cover Page 2. Table of Contents 3. Project Charter 4. Scope Statement 5. Work Breakdown Structure 6. Network Diagram 7. Risk Management Plan 8. Resource Management Plan 9. Communication Management Plan Project Charter Project Name: My BBQ Restaurant Business Adventure Project Number: 1 Project Manager: Renita Allgood Owner(s) Renita Allgood and Terence Allgood Start Date: 5/5/2014 Scheduled Completion Date: 6/26/2014 Mission/ Purpose: Accomplish entrepreneur opportunity to invest in a personal business venture of a specific interest being a…show more content…
Additional equipment needed. Exclusions and Boundaries: Exceeding any budget Needing Loans Major Risks: Ability to find a reasonable location due to size, cost and its needs. Inadequate capital and funding risk for cost of salaries, food, and bills. Demanding workload due to a wide range of duties to provide service. KEY STAKEHOLDERS: Renita Allgood Terence Allgood Project Core Team: Renita Allgood Terence Allgood Network Diagram Risk Management Project Manager: Renita Allgood Date: June 5, 2014 Risk Identification 1. Planning Risks: Inadequate time to plan, allocate resources and scheduling thoroughly for projects completions and budget parameters. 2. Vendor and Licensing delays: may take up to 6 weeks, this process is usually backed up with similar request because of the Ohio Department of Taxation process. 3. Securing adequate and cost convenient location: Requires decisions and financial security measures having adequate funding, assets, and equipment. 4. Land and building requirement delays: Passing of inspection and regulated requirements that often developmental planning and permissions are delayed. 5. Staffing Delays: Due to skills, commitments, and work delays due to under or under-expected productivity or lack of. 6. Inaccurate estimates: Nearing opening cost may fluctuate rising start-up cost causing budget problems that must happen

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