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Ch. 1 – powerpoint • Why do negotiations take place? o Divide resources o Create pieces of the pie o Resolve a problem or dispute • Negotiation Defined o A form of decision making process in which 2 or more parties talk with one another in an effort to resolve their opposing interest • Bargaining o Competitive, win-lose situation • Negotiation o Win-win situations o Mutually acceptable (beneficial) solution • Alternatives Shape Relationship o Evaluating interdependence depends heavily on the alternatives to working together o The desirability to work together is better for outcomes o Best available alternative: BATNA  Best alt to a negotiated agreement • Mutual Adjustment o Continues throughout the negotiation as both…show more content…
hball  Start with ridiculously high or low unachievable opening offer  Should cause other party to re-evaluate their opening offer and move closer to or beyond their resistance point • Best way to handle o Don’t make counter-offer o Bogey  Negotiator pretends an issues has little or no importance to them • Most effective when negotiator find an issue that important to other party, but little value to themselves o The nibble  Negotiator asks for proportionally small concessions (1% or 2% of total profit of deal) or an item that hasn’t been previously discussed o Chicken  Negotiators combine a large bluff w/ a threatened action to force the other party to “chicken out” and give them what they want o Intimidation  Attempt to force other party to agree by means of an emotional play (usually anger or fear • Another form of intimidation: increasing the appearance of legitimacy o Aggressive behavior  Being aggressive to push your position or attack other parties position • Include: relentless push for further concessions, ask for best offer early in negotiation, and asking other party to explain his/her proposals item by item, line by line o Snow job  When negotiators overwhelm the other party w/ so much information that he/she has trouble determining which facts are real or important and which are included as merely distractions • Government uses tactic frequently when releasing information publicly, another ex: technician language • How to respond to

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