Mgmt 5050 Teams, Ethics And Competitive Advantage

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MGMT 5050 Teams, Ethics and Competitive Advantage Tariq Alshammari ID:5123482 Management Gardener and Fernandez are both great scholars who have tried to analyze the human nature and how they can be guided or transformed to survive in the new contemporary world. The two researchers present different ideas and yet similar in a way. That 's irrespective as they view one scenario in a variety of ways. Gardener utilizes psychology with an in-depth view of the human mind while Fernandez brings out the concept of potential rather than competency (Gardener 2008). This thesis will compare and contrast both the views of the two authors on the skills that are a requirement for success in the twenty-first century. To start with,…show more content…
The twenty-first century welcomes many new challenges and perhaps a lot more opportunities but without that desired discipline, destructions will tend to alter the path to success. A Synthesizing and creative mind as Gardner terms them goes side by side as synthesis takes up information from a variety of sources and interprets them objectively. The result is a well-arranged representation of information as it keeps on mounting. Creativity comes in to evaluate the synthesized information and develop ideas or solutions to break new ground. The concept follows the same variable as Fernandez, which accrues the terms curiosity, insight, and creativity. Curiosity, as mired by Fernandez, is the idea of seeking new experiences bounded by knowledge and moreover acknowledged with the willingness to learn and adapt to change (Fernandez 2014). He accords curiosity with insight as one must be able to make sense of the information and the knowledge. The understanding of two results into a creative process that assesses the environment and finds alternatives to the challenges which are a strength for success in the twenty-first century. Finally, the respectful and ethical mind; Gardener raises a refreshing point that illuminates on the context that success is not always individual. Rather, it is a welcoming of difference in ideologies between human groups that accord respect so as to comprehend others and be

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