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MGMT 550 Course Project- Business Proposal The Continuation of Stone Goose Brewery Page 1 Executive Summary Earlier in this class I had put together a power point presentation to the Board of Directors of Stone Goose Brewery. Stone Goose has been a very conservative company that had shower consistent growth since it’s inception in 2009. As the CIO of this company, it is my job to look for opportunities to grow this company. An opportunity had come our way to be the sole supplier of micro beer in Wrigley Field, home of the Chicago Cubs, as well as get into 7 out of the top ten bars surrounding the ball park. It’s a great opportunity for a young company that would see tremendous growth from this expansion alone. The…show more content…
Secondly, we will infiltrate Stone Goose representatives everywhere!! Our presence will be known, and consumers will wonder what the heck is going on. They will be our bridge to using Social Media successfully and efficiently, They will have 4 major responsibilities: 1. Taste Tests- In the ballpark, in the bars offering customers free samples of the beer that we have become so proud of. 2. Handing out promotional items. You can’t have a successful product without some eye catching company swag. 3. Documentation of Feedback -Live Tweets. “ Twitter has 32 million users compared to 2 million a year ago” Wall street journal, 2009. Imagine this scenario: A customer has just tried a sample of our beer, and loves it. They immediately tweet “Stone Goose Beer is in Wrigley and it taste Page 3. Awesome!!! Come and get some. And that tweet goes out to 100 friends, and it grows from there. You can’t beat that kind of advertising. * Live YouTube feeds directly from games and bars. Unlimited possibilities to the * amount of people that can reach. Below is a silly example, but imagine if this was a stone goose representative talking to fans trying our beer the first time * Live feedback via Face Book. Let’s take advantage of the technology of today’s phones. We take a picture of fans drinking our beer. Not only do we post it to our face book page, but so do

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