Mgmt 591 Case Study 3 Building Coalitions

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Case Study 3: Building a Coalition Keller Graduate School of Management MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior March 22, 2015 CASE STUDY 3: BUILDING A COALITION !1 Part 1: Group Development The five-stage group-development model consists of: forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. (Robbins 275) 1. Forming stage. In this first stage, the team is getting to know each other, their backgrounds, work experience, and learning about their strengths and weaknesses. Informal leaders may start to emerge during this stage, and it’s important for management to recognize them. They are getting oriented with their surroundings as well as details about the task at hand. Management should be setting the stage for success by…show more content…
2) To be financially self-sufficient, drawing on resources from the Foundation (logistical support, program development and measurement staff) and the school district (classrooms and teaching staff). The HR reps from each of the vested organizations need to be conscious of how to put together a highly effective team. When considering personnel from their candidate pool, they must research and evaluate their skills, knowledge, experience and personalities. The HR reps should be searching for team members who want to be part of this effort, have great intellect, and have successful experience working serving customers in a diverse environment. Along with technical knowledge, the team members must have leadership traits such as trustworthiness, communication, good interpersonal/people skills, know how to use resources wisely, be able to problem-solve as well as be decisive. They should also be conscientious of how the other members, open-minded and flexible in case the team has to adjust their course of action due to unforeseen changes. (Robbins 325) By understanding each of the development stages, the HR reps would spend their time and efforts finding the right person for this complicated and high visibility task. It’s imperative that the management choose the right folks who will work well together, maintain a positive attitude, make valuable contributions to the project, and be committed to accomplishing the CASE STUDY 3: BUILDING A COALITION

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