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MGMT591 Final Exam * TCOs A, B * Individual Differences/Diversity * Management * Perception & Attribution * Culture * TCO C * Motivation Theories * Content/Process * Needs * Equity * Expectancy * Rewards * TCO D * Teams * Development/Effectiveness * Communication * Decision Making * TCO E * Communication * Process * Organizational * TCO F * Conflict Management * Direct * Indirect * Negotiation * Negotiation Strategies * TCO G * Power/Influence * Types & Source of Power * Leadership…show more content…
The company has rebounded from a near calamity two years ago, and while it was a great scramble, the company survived and is in the strongest position ever. They knew that the culture had been strained by the episode and wanted sincerely to work to bring things back to "normal." With the assistance of local HR offices, a case was made to the employee population that certain aspects of their current culture might have suffered over the past few years and that it was time to think about change. They announced that they would be undergoing an organizational culture review and that everyone's opinion was valued. A whopping 79% of the employees participated in the survey that they administered. Senior management had worked with the consultants for a few months before the survey was given and had determined their "Ideal" scores. The survey confirmed their suspicions. The table below provides you with the percentile scores from the employee population, the ideal scores from management, and the percentage point difference between management's ideal and the actual results. The typical ideal score for companies is also given as a reference point. The overall cultural grouping for the individual cultural norms is also identified. Referencing the information presented above, please analyze the current

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