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A Better Covered CA
 MGMT 306 Table of Contents Summary Background Problem Significance Proposed Solution Elaboration Conclusion Works Cited
 BACKGROUND Before October 2013 Millions of Americans were unable to gain access to affordable healthcare through the Obama Care Program. This statement is partly false because even today millions still do not have access to affordable healthcare. PROBLEM With anything new comes obstacles, but since it’s start in October 2013 Obama care has been nothing but issues. • • • • Covered California is not Affordable for all Many opting in do not understand their benefits Covered California is inconsistent Lacks Dental and Vision Coverage PROPOSED SOLUTION •…show more content…
Oh and did I mention this health insurance only includes Medical, if your looking to get Dental and Vision your going to have dish out the money for these supplemental plans. THE PUBLIC IS UNEDUCATED Like we learned above, insurance jargon is not easy to understand, the average person is supposed to be expected to apply and choose a plan from their home computer. While this sounds convenient, it is also unrealistic and leads to a frustrating experience. While on I came across the reviews page for Covered CA, out of 192 reviews 174 them were one star, I started to go threw these reviews and most of them were either discussing their frustrations with the website incompetence, upset about the cost, or just plain do not understand the process or benefits they are paying for. The steps to complete an application are as follows: 1. Set up an account online 2. Enter personal, household, and income information 3. Submit documents requested (proof of income, citizenship, etc.) 4. Choose a level of coverage (This is where it can become extra tricky, they have to decipher what is meant by deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, maximum out of pocket expense, HMO vs PPO etc.) 5. Choose the actual insurance company (Do they all cover the same thing, what doctors do they offer, why is this company cheaper than that one?) 6. Make
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