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My Sista’s Keeper Open House Helen Harley MGMT 404 Project Management DeVry University Online June 27, 2013 Executive Summary Alcohol and drug abuse is a serious problem in our communities. Many of the victims are homeless and feel helpless. Some have just undergone treatment in a hospital, clinic, or even prison and need to transition from full-time treatment to independent living. We have opened a recovery house to assist female recovering addicts to become productive citizens. It provides peer support and safety in a drug and alcohol free environment. It provides a real world setting that helps these women learn how to live clean and sober lives with people who are going through the same struggle with addiction. An open house is a…show more content…
Limits and Exclusions 1. Team is only available for work Monday – Wednesday from 6:00pm to 9:30pm. 2. Monday May, 27 is a holiday and a nonworking day Reporting Structure of Team Members The House Administrator will be responsible for the final approval of the project and will determine the success level at completion. The Administrative Assistant will facilitate risk probabilities and scope changes and will meet with the Project Manager if cost or duration problems arise. The review Committee will conduct the final inspection and audit. These findings will determine the degree of success of the project. The

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