Mgt/230 Organizational Structure Paper

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Organizational Structure Paper
Jody Denton
November 6, 2011
Dr. Matasha Murrell Jones

Organizational Structure Paper The temperature outside is 30 degrees and the predicted weather for the next week will continue to drop below freezing. When Jane wakes up in the morning without any heat, she weighs her options and sets out to call the gas company to get her service reconnected. Jane is advised by the customer service representative that in order to get her service turned on she would need to pay her past due bill of $1,200. Upon the news, Jane advises that she has children in the home and demands the service to be reconnected. Once again, the customer service representative advises Jane that she would need to pay her past
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For instance, within the customer service center there is a separation from billing, to customer service. In addition, engineering and other behind the scenes departments like human resources function separately as well. The organization is seen as divisional based on the separation from geographic areas. One other important aspect is the Kansas Gas services is a part of the Union, and the other divisions do not have union represented employees. In order to make the organization a more cohesive unit it set out a strategic plan to Become One. Becoming One for the organization was to find a way for the divisions to share their best practices and become a solid unit, to Become One. In comparison, Westar energy has a clear cut hierarchy organizational structure. The organization is not divided into geographical areas. The hierarchy breakdown would be through functional management. The breakdown from the CEO to Vice Presidents, and the organization would move down from there. This organization differs from Oneok because it is not divided based on geographical areas. Atmos Energy is a hierarchal organization that is divided by geographical areas. The organization provides a corporate governance guide that provides the managerial direction that the organization is to take. A key point in the guide is that the CEO and senior management are responsible for selecting members

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