Mgt 301 Tha 3

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THA 3 1.) Unemployment rate for U.S. Citizens will decrease with immigrants gone if you would like to add anything to my answer you can a. Illegal immigration equals virtually free labor, worker are willing to work extra hard for very low pay in local low-skill jobs (farm, construction, etc) therefore many low-skill Americans are unemployed. Legal qualified immigrants increase more productivity and profitability than Americans with PhDs leaving many Americans in high demand job fields (business, internet, food, furniture, apparel, etc) unemployed. With immigrants gone Americans will have more job opportunities available without having to settle for less pay or benefits. b. (My answer)With so many positions now available…show more content…
Too many positions in too short of a time period to increase wages immediately. In the long run some jobs wages would rise do to finding a middle ground in production versus demand, but in the beginning wages would drop severely as many companies would be forced to close their doors overnight due to no employees. Some companies would fold due to not being able to hire people quick enough to remain in business, others would suffer serious setbacks. Wages would drop as businesses would lose money while trying to staff positions immediately. Once production was back on track and people were able to buy more goods some wages may increase but that would be after several years of having great sales, demand, and perfect production.Part B 1. No employees- Companies that hire a majority of immigrants only would be left with little to no employees overnight, forcing them to close their doors till they could either hire new employees quickly, or close down for good because the loss would be too great. 2. No Skilled Employees- Companies that have hired immigrants with specialty skills would be forced to look for those skills from Americans very quickly to keep their companies afloat. They may have to hire several people to fill one specialty skills position, which would cut the pay rate by however many

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