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MGT 303 Final Exam Peanutty Food and Co. 1. What actions can Peanutty’s managers take to ensure the supply of raw materials for its operations, while reducing the risk of stockouts or high production costs? They can operate on a just in time method, when they get a constant understanding of demand. This way they can cut production costs, by only making what they need. They can also predict when they need more inventory to make sure that they never run out of stock for their customers to purchase. 2.What activities could be developed by Peanutty to reduce or manage the power od its suppliers and customers to minimize risks and maximize profitability? Peanutty needs to venture out and expand themselves on the market. Coming…show more content…
As of current, Peanutty is having trouble meeting the demands of customers because of redirection of production by Mr. Carmelo. Mr. Carmelo is making all of the executive decisions on his own, and the employees are not pleased with this kind of structure. If the employees were able to operate within a matrix structure, they could work together with Mr. Carmelo to capitalize off of the business, by finding the best ways to do things within the business. Mr. Carmelo has proven to be very bland about his vision, and the direction that he would like for the company to go in. Without employees or Mr. Carmelo’s assistant being aware of these things, improvement is nearly impossible. 4.Given the 4 areas of the company, choose some supply chain processes and suggest appropriate performance metrics. Customer service management is very important here. Making sure that the product is still selling to the customers; by having an understanding of what they like and what they demand is critical to the success of any business. Especially with the top level managers taking very little input from employees, it is more important to maintain a relationship with customers. It would be a good idea to send out customer surveys and offer incentives, to measure performance. Product development and commercialization is important, as

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