Mgt 307 Final Exams 3

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MGT 307 Final Exams 1) __________ is a multidisciplinary field devoted to understanding individual and group behavior, interpersonal processes, and organizational dynamics. 2) Scientific methods models link _________________ - presumed causes, with _________________ - outcomes, of practical value and interest. 3) From its scientific heritage, organizational behavior has developed all of the following EXCEPT: 4) In the context of the three important levels of cultural analysis in organizations, the level referred to as __________ can play a critical part in linking people together and can provide a powerful motivational mechanism for members of the culture. 5)…show more content…
28) In today’s modern organization the base for power and politics rests on a system of authority. Which of the following statements about legitimacy regarding power is NOT correct? 29) Directives falling within the zone of indifference are __________. 30) Which one of the following statements does NOT provide an accurate description of Stanley Milgram’s experiments? 31) A high-performing team can be created by communicating high-performance standards, having members spend time together, creating a sense of urgency, making sure members have the right skills, and rewarding high performance. 32) A high-performing team can be created by ensuring that new information is kept to a minimum and by giving negative feedback. 33) High-performance teams have strong core values that help guide their attitudes and behaviors in directions consistent with the team’s purpose. 34) Four of the CLT leadership dimensions are: 35) _________________ is often used in combination with vertical leadership. 36) All of the following statements about full-range leadership theory are true EXCEPT: 37) Large systems tend to be susceptible to the boiled frog phenomenon, wherein managers fail to monitor their environments, recognize the important trends, or sense the need for change, and consequently their organizations slowly lose their competitive edge 38) Large systems tend to be susceptible to the __________, wherein managers fail to
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