Mgt/311 Week 2 Employee Portfolio Essay examples

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University of Phoenix Material Employee Portfolio Complete one matrix for each employee. Employee name: _Bryan_________ Self Assessment Results Summary Strengths Weaknesses How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Bryan scored an 89 which is above the average of 74 to 76. Which indicates that and shows why he is hardly ever absent from work and would be very unlikely for him to leave the organization Bryan works great with others and is a great leader to have around groups, especially the newer employee’s because he has such a positive outlook on life in general. Because of Bryan’s leadership and nice personality it may be tough to get an honest constructive feedback because he would feel bad to talk bad about someone or the…show more content…
Bryan is a great leader within the work place and is great at motivating his team. Bryan has a hard time with the general public and is more comfortable being behind the scene doing the grunt work, but when asked he will step forward. Am I A Deliberate Decision Maker? Scored a 21out of a range of 7 to 35 making him on the good side in my opinion he is good at getting to a decision but still air’s on the side of caution. He is very good at getting an answer for questions or making a choice if a problem arises. Sometimes jumps into a project without enough thought making some pretty tough circumstances for those involved. Management recommendations: I think that Bryan needs to be challenged and also make sure that the job given to him gives a variety of things to do. If given new responsibilities I think that Bryan would excel in his job and help the people around him excel at the same time. Employee name: Candace________________ Self Assessment Results Summary Strengths Weaknesses How Satisfied Am I with My Job? Candace scored a 63 which is under average, this is telling me that Candace is not happy with her position and needs to be challenged within her position. She works very well with others and appreciates their company while at work. She is definitely dissatisfied with her

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