Mgt 311 Week 3 Assignment

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Amanda and Erica’s grades may differ for a variety of reasons. Studies show that the more academic activities a parent is involved in is significantly associated with their child having higher literacy achievement, lower rates of grade retention, and fewer years needing special education (Miedel & Reynolds, 2000). Amanda’s father’s income, education, and occupation also all correlate with her literacy abilities (Buckingham, Wheldall, & Beaman-Wheldall, 2013). Parental education has the strongest influence of the three (Buckingham, Wheldall, & Beaman-Wheldall, 2013).
Students from single parent homes also have lower academic achievement compared to students with two-parent families (Pong, Dronkers, & Hampden-Thompson, 2003). Single parent households are also at higher risk for child abuse and neglect (Paxson & Waldfogel, 2002). While poverty does not cause abuse or neglect, there is a direct link between the two (Bower, 2003). If neglect or abuse are present in Amanda’s
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Being from a low income family, she is more like to live in a neighborhood that is more dangerous, offer poorer municipal services, and suffer greater physical deterioration (Evans, 2004). If Amanda is living in poverty, that can dramatically alter her brain development. Poverty is associated with smaller white and gray matter, as well as smaller volumes of the hippocampus and amygdala (Luby et al., 2013).
However, Amanda’s family has potential to thrive despite these challenges if they are resilient (Black & Krishnakumar, 1998). African American families commonly show resiliency by having a strong kinship bonds, central role in religion, racial biculturalism, and enforcing positive self esteem (Black & Krishnakumar, 1998). Amanda’s father can continue to protect her from negative consequences of communities by providing structured activities, like sports, or involvement at recreational centers (Black & Krishnakumar,
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