Mgt 311 Week 3 Quiz

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MGT/311 Quiz 1. Julie smiles and acts politely toward a customer at her checkout, even though she really deeply dislikes this customer. What is the term used to explain the disparity between the emotion Julie displays and the emotions she is actually experiencing? a. Emotional exposure b. Felt emotions c. Emotional dissonance d. Emotional distance 2. Sharon is unhappy in her job for many reasons. Yesterday a customer asked her where the shampoo was located. Sharon listlessly replied, "I don't know." She then turned her back on the customer and continued stocking the shelf. This is an example of how job satisfaction can affect a. employee OCB b. customer satisfaction c. absenteeism d. turnover…show more content…
a. Personalized incentives b. Individual performance evaluations c. Fixed hourly wages d. Profit sharing 9. Upon adjournment of the team meeting, Lawrence immediately went to his work space and wrote an e-mail summarizing the new ideas and goals that the team has developed. He sent the e-mail to each team member, as well as to other teams that will eventually work on the material, and all related supervisors. At lunch in the cafeteria, Lawrence chatted with his friends about the meeting and responded to some of their concerns about the new ideas. Which team role best characterizes Lawrence? a. Maintainer b. Promoter c. Controller d. Creator 10. Emma is the labor union negotiator. Today she is meeting with management to discuss the new 5-year contract, including wages and benefits. This example of labor-management negotiations over wages exemplifies which type of bargaining? a. integrative b. reflective c. distributive d.

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