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Hey, That is My Job! Lee A. Bayliffe MGT 330 Frederic Hibbler April 26, 2011 Organizations Require Both to Succeed For some reasons, the managers’ positions have been seen in a negative way for many years. However, this does not change the essentiality of this position in any organization, especially in business set-ups. There have been a constant confusion between the role of leaders and managers, and what should be clearly established is that these two roles do not share the same meaning. Being a manager does not guarantee that one is already a good leader. However, leaders can be effective managers. This only means that in order for managers to be effective and avoid negative feedback, they should have sufficient knowledge and…show more content…
Functions of Management Leaders are most effective when they are able to attain cooperation among all the members and make them feel the purpose of doing their tasks. It is important for them to research on the characteristics of high performance teams so that they also have it as their standards in leading their people. Some of the important activities that a leader should be good at are persuading, communicating, and motivating people (Tracy, n.d.). One way to establish the difference between management and leadership is the fact that leadership is simply one of the many things that a manager should have. In fact, this should be one of the priorities of a manager. But aside from this, a manager also needs to be highly knowledgeable in administrative tasks, because this also comprises a huge part of their job. Specifically, a manager has four major functions to do: Planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. All these functions have been proven to be essential in any kind of management process, and serve as the main foundation of all organizations (Bateman & Snell, 2009). One of the most successful companies in this century is Microsoft. This company has been known to be treating their employees as their major assets as one of their ways to remain successful in the future. They conduct leadership and management development training for their employees to keep them globally competitive in their jobs and as influential people (Microsoft,

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