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Management and Leadership Michael Varela MGT/330 Theory, Practice, and Application February 15, 2010 Perry Martin Abstract We are not inborn with the leadership trait. The function of leadership is to make the business a success. It is not the exclusively the playing field of senior managers. Managers and employees alike are required to be the bridge between the customer and the vision of Wells Fargo. Leadership is the act of sharing and communicating a vision of the future and the motivation of others to believe in, and align with that vision. Leaders are accountable for failures as well as manager. They give others the opportunity to be responsible. A first-rate leader will inspire a group to be…show more content…
It does not make sense to advise employee of a spot check from corporate or from upper management. This will only allow employees and management to prepare and change the every day routines to accommodate predetermined daily expectations. Unfortunately, most employees don’t accept a visit from upper management as a typically good visit. Corporate visits are historically perceived as being the firing squad. That is why there is a need for positive assessments typically use tools, such as comprehensive questionnaires, SWOT analyses, diagnostic models, we often use these models without referring to them as such. These tools, along with comparisons of results to companies "best practices", allows the leader in the organization to effectively and efficiently get a realistic view of the team. The leader must have a raw vision of what the real elements of the team are comprised of. This is why leaders have problems directing managers. The employees are unclear of what the visions and values are. Yes they may have a posted mission statement, a company manual outlining job duties and responsibilities. But in today’s ever changing environment the worker fines themselves doing what ever it take just to get by. The Wells Fargo visions and values are what has giving them the ability to rise above the completion and grow. Affects of Globalization Across Borders The ability to expand outside the companies traditional market has been a

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