Mgt 330 Management for Organization

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When I began this course I I was unsure of what to expect. The name of the class "Management for Organization" seemed like such a broad title. Just reading the title I new this class would entitle lots information. I was praying that I didn 't get a hard professor. Through out the course I have learned a lot about responsibilities and characteristics of a CEO or managers on down the line of a business. There were a few things that I like most and I will explain them to in this paper. The topics I gained the most insight from were: big five personality traits, Levels of planning, Personal leadership style and managerial tasks. I will explain and tell you abut and what they mean and how they apply to me. Many things in life you have to…show more content…
It also is an industry that indicates national markets that organization complete. Corporate also provides the frame work with divisional managers create there business-level plans. A business-level plan has details that have long-term goals that will allow the division to meet corporate goals, and the division 's business-level strategy and structure. Many organizations have a business- level strategy that states the methods of a business or division. The use this strategy to compete against there rivals in the industry that they are in. Their is also a functional level this is the unit or department were people have the same skill or use the same resources to perform their job. The business-level plan provides the frame work for which functional mangers devise there plan. A functional plan states the goals that functional managers propose to pursue to help the division attain its business level goals mean that there is a goal set by corporate all the way down for everyone to meet. So that includes a functional-level strategy. Sets forth the actions managers plan to take the level of their department and grow. Functional level also consist of manufacturing, marketing, accounting, and R& D. Which allows the organization to reach its goal. One thing you should remember is that functional goals and strategies should be consistent with divisional
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